Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Truck Storytime 5/13/14 and 5/14/14

Books read:
Tip Tip Dig Dig by Emma Garcia
I Stink by Kate McMullan

Other book suggestions:
Roadwork by Sally Sutton
Trucks: Whizz, Boom, Rumble by Patricia Hubbell

I'm Driving In My Car (from Miss Sarah's Storytimes)
I'm driving in my car, I'm driving in my car.
Beep beep, toot toot, I'm driving in my car. (honk horn)

I'm driving very fast, I'm driving very fast. (turn wheel quickly)
Beep beep, toot toot, I'm driving very fast.

I'm driving very slow, I'm driving very slow. (turn wheel slowly)
Beep beep, toot toot, I'm driving very slow.

The lights are turning red, and I must stop my car (put hand up to signal stopping)
Beep beep, toot toot, I must stop my car.

The lights are turning green, and I can go again.
Beep beep, toot toot, I can go again.

Green Says Go (from Storytime Katie)
Green says "Go!" (march quickly)
Go! Go! Go!
Yellow says "Slow!" (march slowly)
Slow! Slow! Slow!
Red says "Stop!"
Stop! Stop! Stop! (stop)
Go! Go! Go!
Slow! Slow! Slow!

Hurry, hurry (to the tune of "Ten Little Indians")
Hurry, hurry drive the fire truck, (x3) (pretend to drive)
Hurry, hurry ring the bell (x3)
Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.
Hurry, hurry climb the ladder (x3) (pretend to climb)
Hurry, hurry squirt the water (x3) (pretend to spray water) 

Wheels on the Truck (version of "Wheels on the Bus", done with parachute)
The wheels on the truck go round, and round. (walk round with parachute)
The wipers on the truck go swish, swish, swish. (make wave with parachute)
The people on the truck go up and down, up and down. (move parachute up and down)
Driver on the truck says come on in, come on in. (walk in)
The driver on the truck says move on back, move on back. (step out)

My Old Truck (to the tune of "Here we Go Round the Mulberry Bush", adapted from Storytime Sparks)
My old blue truck goes bumping along, bumping along, bumping along.
My old blue truck goes bumping along, all the way to town.

Other verses (change verb each time):
zipping along, creeping along, bouncing along.

Literacy tip of the week: Let your child pick books about topics they are interested in. This will help develop your child's love of reading.

Craft: We made stoplights :)

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