Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Gardens and Flowers Storytime 3/29/16 and 3/30/16

Books read: 
Dig in by Cindy Jenson-Elliott
Good Morning Garden by Barbara Brenner

Other book suggestions:
My garden by Kevin Henkes
Fran's Flower by Lisa Bruce
Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert

ASL Sign of the Week: Flower

Seed in the ground (adapted from Jack in the Box by Jbrary)
Little seed, in the ground. (crouch)
Sits so still.
Will it sprout?
Yes it will! (jump up)

The farmer and his seeds (to the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell", from Suralune Storytime)
The farmer plants the seeds, (pretend to plant seeds)
The farmer plants the seeds,
Hi-ho the dairy-o,
The farmer plants the seeds.

The sun begins the shine, (arms in a sun shape above head)
The sun begins to shine,
Hi-ho the dairy-o,
The sun begins to shine.

The rain begins to fall, (rain motion with fingers)
The rain begins to fall,
Hi-ho the dairy-o,
The rain begins to fall.

The seed begins to grow, (slowly rise and move arms outward)
The seed begins to grow,
Hi-ho the dairy-o,
The seed begins to grow.

If you're muddy and you know it

Wiggling Worms (modified from Kids Activities)
Wiggle them up, (wiggle hands up)
Wiggle them down, (wiggle hands down)
Wiggle them around and around. (wiggle hands in circle)
Wiggle them fast, (wiggle hands fast)
Wiggle them slow, (wiggle hands slowly)
Wiggle them high, (wiggle hands up)
Wiggle them low. (wiggle hands down)
Wiggle them on your feet, (wiggle on feet)
Wiggle them on your head, (wiggle on head)
Wiggle them, wiggle them,
Straight to bed. (pretend to sleep)

Ring around the Rose (with parachute)

There's something in my garden (with puppets hidden under felt, from SuraLune Storytime)
There's something in my garden,
Something I can't see.
I hear a funny sound (insert noise)
What could it be?

Craft: Toddlers decorated a flower template with circular stickers. Preschoolers colored a flower template.

Literacy tip of the week: Books are a great way to build children's background knowledge. For instance in this storytime we learned a little about the science behind what makes plants grow.

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