Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Ms. Kelly's Favorites Storytime 2/19/18 and 2/20/18

Books read:
Poor Louie by Tony Fucile
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Car by Kate Dopirak

Other book suggestions:
Hi Pizza Man! by Virginia Walter
The Nuts: Keep Rolling by Eric Litwin
Where is Bear? by Jonathan Bentley

Happy Puppy (dog themed version of "Hokey Pokey")

Come along and march with me (from Storytime Underground)
Come and march along with me,
Along with me.
Come and march along with me,
So early in the morning.
(Other actions can include spinning, hopping, bouncing, flying, etc)

Body Rock (on Kids in Motion)

This is Big (from Mel's Desk)
This is big, big, big. (arms wide)
This is small, small, small. (bring arms together)
This is short, short, short. (crouch down)
This is tall, tall, tall. (reach high)
This is fast, fast, fast. (run fast)
This is slow, slow, slow. (run slowly)
This is yes, yes, yes. (shake head yes)
This is no, no, no. (shake head no)

Wheels on the Bus 

Old MacDonald (with animals on parachute) 

Movement cube 

Craft: We made a collage with letter stickers.

Literacy tip of the week: Singable books are great choices because they slow down language and help kids hear the parts that make up words.

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