Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Things That Grow Storytime 3/19/19

Book read:
Do you know which ones will grow? by Susan Shea

Other book suggestions:
My Garden by Kevin Henkes
Charlie Chick by Nick Denchfield
Plant The Tiny Seed by Christie Matheson

Up pop the flowers (to the tune of "Pop Goes the Weasel", from Hummingbird Educational Resources)
We plant some seeds in the dirt. (pretend to plant seeds)
The rain falls in a shower. (raise arms and wiggle fingers to ground)
The sun comes out and what do you know? (squat down)
Up pop the flowers! (jump up)  

This is Big (from Mel's Desk)
This is big, big, big. (arms wide)
This is small, small, small. (bring arms together)
This is short, short, short. (crouch down)
This is tall, tall, tall. (reach high)
This is fast, fast, fast. (run fast)
This is slow, slow, slow. (run slowly)
This is yes, yes, yes. (shake head yes)
This is no, no, no. (shake head no)

If You're a Tree and You Know It
If you're a tree and you know it grow up high. (reach high)
If you're a tree and you know it grow up high.
If you're a tree and you know it and you really want to show it,
If you're a tree and you know it grow up high. 
Other verses: Touch your roots (touch toes), and Wave Your Leaves (wave arms)

Craft: We decorated a tree template with torn paper leaves.

Literacy tip of the week: Mentioning the author before reading will help your child make the connection that books are written by people.

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