Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Shape Storytime 1/30/18

Book read:
Shape by Shape by Suse MacDonald

Other book suggestions:
Mouse Shapes by Ellen Stoll Walsh
Lots of dots by Craig Frazier
Perfect Square by Michael Hall

Square chant (seen several places with different shapes, done with square felt pieces)
Put your square shapes in the air,
Hold it high and keep it there.
Put your square shape on your back.
Now lay it on your lap.
Put your square shape on your toes,
Now hold it by your nose.
Hold your square shape in your hand.
Now everyone please stand.
Wave your square shape at the door,
Now touch your square to the floor.
Hold your square and jump, jump. jump.
Nos toss your square way up, up, up!

Shape jump (we counted and jumped on laminated square cutouts)

Make a circle (to the tune of Frere Jacques, done with scarves, from KCLS
Make a circle (wave scarf in circle),
Make a circle,
Make it round,
Make it round,
Make it in a hurry (wave scarf quickly),
Make it in a hurry,
Now it's gone (put scarf behind your back),
Now it's gone.

What shape is this? (unsure of source, with felt shapes, to the tune of "The Muffin Man")
Do you know what shape this is.
Shape this is, shape this is?
Do you know what shape this is,
I'm holding in my hand?

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Craft: We painted bingo dauber shape patterns. 

Literacy tip of the week: Learning to differentiate between shapes will help your child learn to differentiate between letters of the alphabet.

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