Thursday, January 21, 2021

Facebook Live 1/21/21

Book read: Is everyone ready for fun? by Jan Thomas

Did you ever get silly (to the tune of "Did you ever see a Lassie?")
Did you ever get silly, get silly, get silly,
Did you ever get silly by shaking your head?
Did you ever get silly, get silly, get silly,
Did you ever get silly by jumping around?
Other actions can including stomping, shaking, etc.

Monkey See, Monkey Do (from Perry Public Library)
Monkey see, monkey do,
Little monkey in the zoo,
Little monkey in the tree,
Can you (insert action) like me?

Bananas Unite (from Jbrary)
Bananas unite! (hands connected above head)
Peel bananas, peel bananas! (move hands down)
Chop bananas, chop bananas! (chopping motion)
Mash bananas, mash bananas! (mashing motion)
Go bananas! Go bananas!

Silly Monster (with monster cut outs on flannelboard)
We hid our monster near colored beds.
For each color we chant: "Little Monster named Fred, Are you (under, over, above, below) the (color) bed?" 

Literacy tip of the week: Directional words help literacy development because they will be important  when they learn to write letters.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Facebook Live Storytime 1/14/21

Book read: Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson

Bears are Sleeping (to the tune of "Frere Jacques") (from King County Library System)
Bears are sleeping,
Bears are sleeping (pretend to sleep)
In their lairs,
In their lairs.
Soon it will be springtime,
Soon it will be springtime.
Wake up bears! Wake up bears! (pretend to wake up

Snowky Pokey (from Everything Preschool)
You put your right mitten in,
You take your right mitten out.
You put your right mitten in and you shake it all about.
You do the Snowky Pokey and you turn yourself around.
That's what it's all about!
Other verses can include boot, hat, whole self, etc.

Saw a snowflake (modified from Preschool Express, to the tune of "My Darling Clementine")
Saw a snowflake,
Saw a snowflake,
Saw a snowflake falling down.
It was floating,
It was twirling.
As it spun around and round. 

Snowball, Snowball (flannelboard, from Clinton Macomb Public Library Facebook)
Snowball, snowball, cold and round,
Under which mitten can you be found?

Literacy tip of the week:  Talking with your child about winter and hibernation is a great way to introduce new vocabulary.

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Facebook Live Storytime 12/3/20

Book read: Tap the Magic Tree by Christie Matheson

A Tree is a Home (from Holiday Zone)
A tree may be a home for a bird (flap arms like a bird)
A tree may be a home for a bee (buzz hand like a bee)
A tree may be a home for a snake (slither like a snake)
A tree may be a home for a monkey (swing arms)
I would if a tree would make a good home for me? (point to self)

Frisky Squirrel (to the tune of "The Grand Old Duke of York", from HCPL Storytime)
Oh, the frisky squirrel,
He gathers nuts and seeds, (pretend to gather seeds)
He hides them for the winter months,
So he'll have all he needs!
Oh, up, up, up he goes! (reach up)
And down, down, down he comes. (reach down)
He runs around, goes up and down, (run, go up and down)
His work is never done! 

Five Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree

We Hit the Floor Together (to the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell")
We hit the floor together,
We hit the floor together,
We hit the floor together,
Because it's fun to do! 
Repeat with different actions: clap hands, nod heads, sway side to side, say hello, etc.

Literacy tip of the week: Share your favorite holiday tradition with your child. The more you talk and share words together the more language your child is exposed to.


Thursday, November 19, 2020

Facebook Live Storytime 11/19/20

Book read: If animals gave thanks by Ann Whitford Paul

I love Mommy (to the tune of "Frere Jacques" )
(we did this song using the ASL signs for "Mom" "Love" and "Yes")
I love Mommy, I love Mommy
Yes I do, Yes I do.
Mommies are for hugging (hug self or mom)
Mommies are for kissing, (blow a kiss)
I love you, yes I do. (point to mother)

Friend of Mine (to the tune of "Mary Had A Little Lamb")
Will you be a friend of mine, friend of mine, friend of mine?
Will you be a friend of mine and (insert action) around with me? 
We're going to the market (modified version of We're Going to the Zoo from ALA's 2014 Guerilla Storytime)
We're going to the market,
We're going to be there soon!
We're going to get some veggies, and other yummy food!
Shake it baby, shake it!
Shake it while you can!
Shake it like a milkshake, and pour it in the can!
Shake it to the bottom! Shake it to the top!
Shake it round and round and round!
Until I tell you stop!  

Itsy Bitsy Spider
Literacy tip of the week: Fingerplays help to develop fine motor skills that are needed for learning to write.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Facebook Live Storytime 11/12/20

Book read: Dinosaur Stomp by Paul Stickland

Dinosaurs were... (from Storytime Survival Kit)
Dinosaurs lived long ago.
Some walked (stomp in place).
Some swam (pretend to swim).
Some flew you know! (pretend to swim).
Some were big (hold arms out wide).
Some were small (crouch low).
Some were very, very tall! (reach high)

Hiding Dinosaurs
Dinosaur, dinosaur, where can you be?
Hiding behind me where I cannot see. (hands behind back)
Now you see one,  (bring out one hand)
It's waiting for you.
Here comes another, (bring out other hand)
And now you see two!

Dinosaur Wheels on the Bus (found at multiples sources)
The Pterodactyl wings go flap, flap, flap.
Flap, flap, flap. Flap flap flap.
The Pterodactyl wings go flap, flap, flap.
All around the swamp.
Other additions cam be Stegosaurus tail/swish swish swish, Tyrannosaurus Rex/grr grr grr, Brontosaurus/munch munch munch, etc.

Literacy tip of the week: Sharing pop up books with your child is a great way to increase print motivation. 

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Facebook Live Storytime 11/5/20

Book read: The cow loves cookies by Karma Wilson

If You're a Cow and You Know It (to the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It")
If you're a cow and you know it stomp your feet. (stomp feet)
If you're a cow and you know it stomp your feet.
If you're a cow and you know it and your face will surely show it.
If you're a cow and you know it stomp your feet.
Other verses include: shake you tail, eat grass, say "Moo!"
The cows in the barn (to the tune of "Wheels on the Bus")
The cows in the barn go moo, moo, moo,
Moo, moo, moo,
Moo, moo, moo,
All around the farm.
Use other animals and sounds for additional verses

Down around the corner (done as a flannelboard)
Down around the corner in the bakery shop.
Were five yummy cookies with chips on top.
Along came a friend with a dollar to pay.
They bought a cookie and took it away.
Count down until cookies are gone

Literacy tip of the week: Rhyming books are a great way to help your child recognize the words that make up language.


Thursday, October 29, 2020

Facebook Live Storytime 10/29/20

Book read: Pumpkin Eye by Denise Fleming

Pumpkin Chant
Pumpkin, pumpkin, (pretend to slice bread)
Pumpkin bread!
Pumpkin, pumpkin,
Pumpkin head! (touch head)
Pumpkin, pumpkin
Pumpkin pie! (make circle with arms)
Pumpkin, pumpkin,
Pumpkin eye! (circles around eyes)
Pumpkin, pumpkin,
Pumpkin cake! (stir cake)
Pumpkin, pumpkin,
Pumpkin shake! (shake body)    
Pumpkin Search Game
Oh, where oh where has my pumpkin gone?
Oh, where oh where can it be?
I'm searching and singing my pumpkin song.
Won't you please help me?
Ten Little Ghosts
Five little ghosts all dressed in white (Hold up 10 fingers)
Went out a-haunting on Halloween night. (Wiggle fingers)
They all looked around for someone to scare. (Cup hands around eyes, look around)
They floated here and floated there. (Wiggle fingers to the right then to the left)
Then the ten little ghosts took a look at you (Point to child)
And they all ran away when you said "Boo!"(Put hands behind your back)

Literacy tip of the week: Knowledge of shapes (like those cut into pumpkins) is an important step to recognizing letters.