Thursday, December 3, 2015

Food Storytime 11/24/15 and 11/25/15

Books read: 
Who's Hungry by Dean Hachohen

ASL Sign of the Week: Eat

If you're hungry and you know it 

Andy, spandy, sugar and candy (modfied from KCLS)
Andy, spandy, sugar and candy, all jump up!
Andy, spandy, sugar and candy, all turn round!
Andy spandy, sugar and candy all crouch down!
Andy spandy, sugar and candy all jump up! 

We're going to the market (done with shakers, modified version of We're Going to the Zoo from ALA's 2014 Guerilla Storytime)
We're going to the market,
We're going to be there soon!
We're going to get some veggies, and other yummy food!
Shake it baby, shake it!
Shake it while you can!
Shake it like a milkshake, and pour it in the can!
Shake it to the bottom! Shake it to the top!
Shake it round and round and round!
Until I tell you stop!

I feel crazy so I jump in the soup by Laurie Berkner 

Popcorn Kernels (with scarves, to the tune of "Frere Jacques", from Jbrary)
Popcorn kernels, popcorn kernels,
In the pot, in the pot, (ball up scarf and hide in hands)
Shake them, shake them, shake them, (shake)
Shake them, shake them, shake them,
Till they pop! Till they pop! (throw scarf in the air) 

Patacake Pizza Man (with scarves, modified from Storytime Katie
Patacake, patacake, Pizza Man,
Bake me a pizza as fast as you can,
Roll it, (wave scarf in a circle)
Toss it (1 , 2 , 3 ) (toss three times)
And put in it in the oven for you and me!

We used green circular stickers to make a picture of grapes.

Literacy tip of the week: Peeling stickers is a great way to develop the fine motor skills your child will need when they learn to write!

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