Wednesday, July 27, 2016

ECRR Storytime 7/26/16 and 7/27/16: Playing

Books read:
Not a Box by Antoinette Portis
Let's Play! by Herve Tullet

Other book suggestions:
Tap to Play by Salina Yoon
Princess! Fairy! Ballerina! by Bethanie Murguia

ASL Sign of the week: Play

Playing we will go (to the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell")
Playing we will go,
Playing we will go,
Hi ho the dairy-o,
Playing we will go.

We will run so fast.
We will run so fast.
Hi ho the dairy-o,
We will run so fast.

We will jump so high.
We will jump so high.
Hi ho the dairy-o,
We will jump so high.

Touch game (from Stillwater Library) 
Touch your nose.
Touch your chin.
That's the way this game begins.
Touch your eyes.
Touch your knees.
Now pretend you are going to sneeze.
Touch your hair.
Touch one ear.
Touch your two red lips right here.
Touch your elbows where they bend.
That's the way the touch game ends.

Play Red Light, Green Light

Play "I Spy" with flannel board pieces 

Craft: We used pieces of paper to decorate a letter P (for play!)

Literacy tip of the week: Free play has been tied to better goal setting and imagination. Kids learn a lot when they have the freedom to play and explore ideas!

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