Tuesday, February 7, 2017

February Funnies Storytime 2/7/17 and 2/8/17

Books read:
Spunky Little Monkey by Bill Martin
Is that wise pig? by Jan Thomas

Other book suggestions:
Cows to the rescue by John Himmelman
How to potty train your monster by Kelly DiPucchio

ASL Sign of the Week: Funny

Put your hands up high (from 2016 CSLP Manual)
Put your hands up high,
Put your hands down low,
Put your hands to the side,
And wiggle just so.
Put your elbows to the front.
Put your elbows in back.
Put your elbows to the side,
And "Quack, Quack, Quack!"

The Alligator Jump (modified from Storytime with Ms. Tara)
Alligators jump, (jump)
Alligators slide, (slide back and forth)
All the alligators move from side to side.
Alligators jump, (jump)
Alligators giggle, (pretend to laugh)
All the alligators like to turn around and wiggle! (shake your behind)

Milkshake Song (with shakers, from Jbrary
You take a little a little milk, pour some milk.
And you take a little cream, pour some cream.
You stir it all up,
You shake and you'll sing..a 1,2,3,4..

Milkshake, milkshake, shake it all up!
Milkshake, milkshake, shake it all up!
Milkshake, milkshake, shake it all up! 

Shake it to the east (with shakers, from Jbrary)
Shake it to the east, (shake to one side)
Shake it to the west, (shake to other side)
Shake it all around, (shake in a circle)
And take a rest.
Shake your shakers up, (shake high)
Shake your shakers down, (shake low)
Shake it, shake it, shake it!
And then settle down.

Big Underwear (from ALSC listserv)
Wake up in the morning.
Stretch your arms up in the air.
And then put on your big underwear!
You take a step to the left.
You take a step to the right.
Big underwear is never too tight!
You take a jump forward.
You take a jump back.
Big underwear is where it's at!

I feel so crazy I jump in my soup by Laurie Berkner

Craft: We decorated a funny hat template with torn paper.

Literacy tip of the week: Reading funny stories together helps your child associate fun with books!

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